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Spökets absolutely finest and latest album, now in retro plastic format! Long playing vinyl record!

Imagine this mighty rose painting reimagination in the timeless format of 12x12 inches!

Also contains, except the LP, stickers and a downloadable code to the full length album in High resolution (24 bit / 96kHz) for those of you with audioholic tendencies. Due to LP vinyl being limited to about 44 minutes of play time, it means we had to cherry-pick a selection of tunes. Call it Spökets crème de la crème de la Kurbits!

All of the tunes from the whole production is of course available in high resolution in the provided download link, so you’ll get all of the candy!

To make things clear, the picture you see above is a mock up. In the real reality it's going to be twice as beautiful!


Kurbits & Flames LP

SKU: 364215376135196
  • Nisse Blomster - guitars, mandolin, podorythmie

    Mads Kjøller-Henningsen - flutes, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, jaw harp

    Signe Kierkgaard Schmidt - fiddle

    Linnea Aall-Campbell - fiddle, cowhorn

    Lies Hendrix - melodeon

    Emma Engström - piano, organ

    Erik Bengtsson - bass

    Erik Larsson - tenor sax, clarinet

    Henrik Büller - baryton sax, alto sax

    Sebastian Petersson - trombone

    Albin Lagg - trumpet, whistling

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